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Available in capacities ranging from 6 to 1000 tons
1000 Ton Liebherr LTM 1800


The LTM 1800 is the largest hydraulic mobile crane in Colorado. It's also one of the most unique cranes in existence, as it is the only hydraulic-boom crane that can be used with a lattice derrick. With this derrick, it's the strongest hydaulic-boom crane in the world when working at radius. The LTM 1800 offers a variety of set-up options, including derrick, fixed jib, and luffing jib, with a total combination of 496 ft. 

Liebherr LG 1550
700 Ton Liebherr LG 1550


The LG 1550, when equipped with the wind tip, is stronger than the Manitowoc 16000 and offers simpler set-up. Requiring much less site preparation than a crawler, the 1550's truck carrier is ideal for preservation of the environment. The machine is capable of servicing turbines to 100m hub height without utlizing a derrick or luffer. With a luffer, the 1550 can service turbines up to 120m with a capacity of 176,000 lbs. This configuration puts it into direct competition with the much larger Manitowoc 18000, without the greater mobilization costs. 

Liebherr LTM 1400 7.1
500 Ton Liebherr LTM 1400 7.1


Meet the crane that is the jack of all trades. The LTM 1400 7.1 is ideal for uptower gearbox repairs and swaps, and is a dollar-saver for customers with its low mobilization costs and speedy set-up. Featuring a telescoping boom guying system and variable counterweight radius, this crane is ideally suited for a host of jobs. Its maximum hook height of 420 ft and reach of 325 ft gives this crane an impressive stature, while its truck carrier and hydraulic boom system keep it maneuverable and efficient.

LR 1350/1
385 Ton Liebherr LR 1350/1


the LR 1350/1 is a customer favorite due to its lightweight components and ease of transport while still charting as one of the strongest cranes in its class. Capable of self-erection, there is no need for a tail-pick crane during the assembly process. Reaching to a maximum hook height of 520 ft, the LR 1350 has many diverse boom configurations, including the ability to mount the fixed jib atop the luffing jib. This crane is ideally suited for wind turbine work, precast concrete, large industrial projects, plant work, and many other jobs.

300 Ton Lima 7700

90 Ton Tadano GT-900XL

150 Ton Grove HL150T

70 Ton Grove TTS870

100 Ton Link Belt RTC 80100 Series II

with Nelson pin-and-go trailer

6 Ton Palfinger PK18080


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