On a wind farm, wind is money...

Unfortunately, cranes and wind don't get along. Eliminate unnecessary turbine downtime by hiring RMCS for your crane needs!


On a standard GE 1.5 on an 80 meter tower, our Liebherr LG 1550 can safely perform rotor drops in wind speeds up to 25 MPH or 11 M/S.


This drastically reduces wind-out time, which means we'll have your turbine running and producing money again while our competitors are forced to watch the wind blow.  


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the RMCS Fleet

Our Fleet

RMCS Capabilities at a Glance

  • Capacities from 70 ton to 1000 ton.

  • Maximum height of 564 feet with a capacity of 37,300 lbs.

  • Maximum telescopic boom: 200' with a capacity of 260,000 lbs.


  • Maximum capacities at radius:

    • 50' Radius 464,000 lbs.

    • 100' Radius 204,000 lbs

    • 200' Radius 80,000 lbs

    • 300' Radius 38,300 lbs

    • 400' Radius 5,400 lbs