If you have the following or similar questions, please contact Sierra:

  • How does my HSA work?

  • Can I get coverage for my spouse or kids?

  • What can I use the funds in my HSA for?

  • What is my deduction schedule for my spouse's premium?

  • Can I change my plan?

  • When is open enrollment?

If you have the following or similar questions/concerns, please contact Paul, our representative with Colorado Choice Health Plans:

  • What does my insurance cover?

  • Does my insurance cover this prescription/procedure?

  • What is my network?

  • Concerns about coverage/lapses in coverage

  • Concerns about a specific procedure

  • Concerns about a specialist

Paul Roberts 
1-800-475-8466 (office)

1-316-650-5900 (cell) 

Health Insurance Info

If you have the following or similar questions, please contact Amanda at Collegiate Peaks Bank:

  • How much is in my HSA?

  • What is my HSA account number? 

  • Can I get checks or a debit card for my HSA?

  • Can I get my HSA account registered for online banking?


Amanda Hansen



If you would like to start having RMCS deduct money from paycheck (pretax!) to put into your HSA, please fill out the "HSA Deduction Application" (link below).



If you have specific questions regarding your Aflac plans, what they cover, or how to utilize your Aflac coverage, please contact Sherry, our Aflac representative.


Sherry Turner



If you have questions about your Alfac deduction schedule, open enrollment, general cost of additional plans, or other similar questions, contact Sierra.